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"HANUKKAH STORIES proves the adage that good things come in small packages. This collection of contemporary stories shows that the joy of miracles, the passing on of traditions, and the delight in bringing light into the world give the minor holiday of Hanukkah broad resonance."
—Hadassah Magazine

"HANUKKAH STORIES has much thought and charm. While centered on a Jewish holiday, it appeals to the virtues of perseverance, generosity, and memory, which ring true for any faith."
—The Midwest Book Review

“Hanukkah's a big deal at our house. We like teaching holidays, and holidays that involve light and fire are right up my alley.”
—Steven Raichlen

“My Dad recognized my interest in science and took me to the Planetarium and Tomorrow Land at Disney World. Never did I dream I’d be celebrating Hanukkah in space, aboard the spaceship Hubble.”
—Jeffrey A. Hoffman, PhD.

“I close my eyes and think of Grandma, tasting a bit of her childhood each Hanukkah, when she prepared the latkes just as her mother had done.”
—Faye Moskowitz

“On every night of Hanukkah, give your family a gift the will last a lifetime—the gift of compassion, of sweetness, of humanity, of soul.”
—Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD., D.D.